SA Green Fitness

How to create a more sustainable gym 

We’ve been finding out how SA Green Fitness is helping to create sustainable gyms ...

SA Green Fitness is all about helping organisations achieve their energy management goals, by reducing CO2 emissions, saving money and improving their corporate and social responsibility policy.

Rows of cardio machines, air conditioning and the fluorescent lighting that is often found in gyms are an energy bill nightmare. But, using sustainable innovations,  SA Green Fitness could change all of this. They are encouraging people to switch to the ECO-POWR™ Cardio range by SportsArt that is featured on their website www.sagreenfitness.com.

Consider the lighting you use. LED lights convert up to 80% of energy into light. This both reduces electricity costs and dramatically reduces carbon emissions, The life of LED is between 4 and 40 times greater than traditional products. Our partner, Optimise Energy, provides a range of sustainable lighting solutions.  Change the lighting to energy-efficient lightbulbs, Install motion sensors for lights.

Ban single use plastics being brought into the facility! Choose barbells, medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells etc. made from recycled material.  Check out these variety of accessories by our partners Nohrd & WaterRower. 

For a sustainable studio space use bamboo flooring or recycled rubber flooring.  Also consider using co-friendly gym supplies like sustainably sourced, biodegradable non-toxic yoga mats, yoga block made of cork/ recycled foam, organic cotton meditation cushions. 

Pliteq is one of the biggest tyre recyclers in the world and all their products are uniquely engineered from ground car tyres that would otherwise be destined for landfill. They continue to strive to increase capacity of their manufacturing facility year on year, and aim to be the biggest tyre recycler in the world by 2025, recycling approximately 16 million tons of car tyres per year. 

Every little bit helps towards creating  a cleaner and healthier planet for all. SA Green Fitness work with Optimise Energy UK and take a consultative approach to gain a holistic understanding of an organisation’s energy usage and operational needs, providing recommendations and assisting with implementation.

Take your first steps to creating a sustainable gym with SA Green Fitness today!