Top tips for creating your home gym

We all know that 2020 likes to keep us on our toes so we’ve got you covered with our handy guide to creating your own gym.

The first lockdown led to panic buying of a wide and sometimes strange variety. Pasta, flour and bog rolls went MIA early on, but they came for the fitness equipment only a little while later.As the lock-down progressed we furiously upgraded not just our property but our bodies. 

We started exercising more at home.  This meant there was never a better time to buy gym equipment for the home. Retails quickly sold out and sites like FitnessCompared allowed consumers another route to impartially compare gym equipment against a wide range of brands in the market.

People set up circuits in their gardens and followed online workouts. Everyone wanted to buy new or used gym equipment.

Exercise levels soared from March, then so did the demand for exercise bikes, cross-trainers, dumb bells and treadmills.  More than half (52%) of adults were meeting national activity guidelines and the percentage of sedentary people halved — from 22% to 11% — compared with the same period last year. 

Things to consider before you go online shopping for a home gym

1. First, consider how much space you have. If the space is limited, you can’t have too many types of equipment. If you have a large space, then you can use more machines. Don’t just work out how much space you need for the equipment, but also how much space you’ll take up when you are using it.

2. Choose your gym equipment wisely. For this you need decide if it is going to be used occasionally and take light use. Do you want to buy commercial gym equipment and the best commercial spin bikes ? Because if you want the heavy duty commercial gym equipment you are probably used to at your local sports centre or gym, it’s going to cost more. It’s the usual argument of durability against price. The team at FitnessCompared offer free and impartial advice to get you started with your new home gym.

3. If you want to make it a multi-purpose gym,  you’ll need space for your strength equipment,  a mat for yoga, Pilates and stretching and resistance bands. A lot of people purchase Crossfit equipment but you may also consider kettlebells, medicine balls and foam rollers. Its easy to get carried away but don’t overcrowd the space with too many exercise tools. Just pick the ones which you need and avoid cluttering.

4. Now think about the décor. Which theme would you like to opt for? There are different gym themes like industrial, rustic, modern farmhouse, home yoga studio, etc. 

5. Some might say an enormous mirror is the most essential part of a home gym. It’s good for improving technique, tracking gains and obviously helps get awesome selfies.  So, don’t forget to get budget and plan for where you will put that.

6. Get the right lighting. Some people prefer the nightclub low lighting effect you get in some gym classes. It’s up to your personal taste but I think it should be bright enough to compliment without giving you a headache.

7. Always consider your aim before decorating your home gym. For example, if you want it to inspire, motivate and uplift then keep that in mind before investing in anything too dark or chilled.

8. Finally, make it personal. We all have our own unique style and routines. Make a note of how you move and where you move. This will ensure you create a space that will motivate you to meet your fitness goals!