We are delighted to welcome Freemotion to the FitnessCompared platform.

For more than 20 years, Freemotion Fitness has been the global pioneer in fitness equipment and technology, introducing the world to cable-based strength training, the Incline Trainer, the first road simulating indoor bike and is now leading the way in connected fitness. 

With science and innovation at its core, Freemotion questions how we work out and then redefines it - creating products that deliver an unbeatable user experience and ultimately drive commercial results for its partners.

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Product Feature: FUSION Team Training

Dan Toigo, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Freemotion, is excited about this trailblazing concept.

“At Freemotion, we believe in empowering an active lifestyle through integrity, accountability, communication, passion, and a team approach, and FUSION Team Training embodies that philosophy,” he said. 

“It combines cutting-edge resistance technology, powerful functional movement patterns, and comprehensive programming content to create a one-of-a-kind workout experience. We think the sky’s the limit for FUSION Team Training and expect it to soon become a staple in facilities across the globe.”

Unlike traditional strength training that only builds muscle based on the load, FUSION workouts also utilize resistance, speed, and functional movements from everyday life to develop a healthier body. For exercisers who might feel intimidated with traditional strength training, FUSION provides an inviting and effective alternative. Toigo added, “Not only are FUSION classes something completely fresh and progressive for the industry, but they also provide a COVID-safe solution that allows group classes to thrive and facilities to stay profitable now, and in the years to come. With each participant being able to quickly achieve a cardio and strength workout on one machine, we’ve shortened the time they need to spend in the gym each day while giving them an effective workout environment that entices them to come back more often, increasing their lifetime value Fast, effective, engaging, and personal – both from a training and hygiene standpoint – members have fun, achieve results, and feel part of a community all while staying safe. We are very excited for participants around the world to begin experiencing the electricity of this workout and realize that the future is FUSION!”

Each participant uses their own Fusion CST (Cardio Strength Trainer) for the entire workout, meaning there’s no need to share equipment, wipe down multiple stations, or spend hours at the gym to achieve a complete cardio and strength training. Patented SMR™ (Silent Magnetic Resistance) technology helps users quickly perform a total-body workout while reducing muscle soreness and recovery time. This enables users to train on back-to-back days more regularly, boosting their attendance and, subsequently, their retention.

FUSION Team Training also easily follows social distancing guidelines with each participant naturally positioned 6 to 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4m) apart. Users have peace of mind about their workout environment, which allows them to concentrate on the session without compromising their personal space. The open design of Fusion CST also makes it wheelchair accessible and welcoming to all exercisers.